At the onset, selecting Universities for the career of your choice gazes to be a challenging task. We at Overseas Planners take the responsibility of the students right from the time they walk in,  to choose from a plethora of universities and colleges, the universities that are best suited for their career profile today and in the times to come.

Process & Services

  1. Educational Counseling:

    The team with an extensive experience of twelve (12) years of expertise in the field of International Education &Career Counseling are here to guide the students of same or different abilities and potential in making decisions about higher education abroad, at both graduate and undergraduate levels in order to develop in them a keen sense of command in their careers.


  1. Course Selection:

    We help the student in their first big step towards course’s selection for studying abroad. With the students’ interest and education background in mind, our counselors are the best professionals to guide them towards a career of their own choice.


  1. University Selection:

    Choosing the right university is an important step towards realizing one’s dream to study abroad. Our counselors with their professional expertise examine the information criteria carefully and preponder on the various types of information for potential students while selecting a university. With more of counseling on one to one basis, we are sure to mentor you towards the superintendence of a good university selection.


  1. Visa Assistance:

    Our grind doesn’t stop, at choosing the right university and course for you. The winning streak on the path to overseas education is the mystery of cracking the Visa Interview. India is a land of diverse cultures and traditions and thus, each and every student needs to be well prepared for a common Visa Interview. Our counseling sessions before the Interview not only help the students to pass the interview with flying colors but also help them gaining their confidence and open them for a more global exposure.


  1. Scholarship Assistance:

    Majority of the students are not aware of the fact that the cost remains almost similar for current on-campus financial aid package and to study abroad in addition to scholarships. The students paying out of state tuition in India can even afford studying abroad that too cheaper in comparison to on-campus semester.


A study abroad scholarship is a boost for the students to cope up the expenses of their program viz. travel, course fee, books etc. Some of abroad scholarships to apply are given hereunder:-

  1. Meritorious

For such awards, the students have to perform excellently in academics, sports, extracurricular activities etc. upon which the qualifications do vary.

  1. Destination-specific

Some specific scholarships are given in case a student plans to study in a particular country instead of the other.

  • Program-specific:

Such scholarships are offered for a specific programme of course depending upon academics and individual’s performance.

  1. Subject-specific:

Specific scholarships are given by abroad institutions to the students opting out a particular field of study

  1. Study Abroad Loan Assistance

We impart guidance to the students keeping in mind the abroad study programme the ways by which loans and genuine rate of interest can be taken from particular banks

  1. Interview Preparation

Through our skilled staff, the students are made conversant in order to face an interview for visa purposes.

  • Airport Assistance

Airport assistance is also given viz. how to manage the things while departing for abroad.

  • Accommodation Services

Guidance about how to arrange a suitable accommodation is given to the students opting for studying abroad.