1) Chisholm Institute, Melbourne

Chisholm Institute is a Technical and Further Education (TAFE) Institute located in the south-east Melbourne Australia. It provides adult education in a number of areas including the arts, hospitality, information technology, trades and business. Chisholm offers over 500 certificates, diploma, advanced diploma and graduate certificate courses.The Institute takes its name from Caroline Chisholm. Its name was also inspired by the Chisholm Institute of Technology, a tertiary institution that operated in southeast Melbourne from 1982 to 1990 before becoming part of Monash University.

2) AIH

The Australian Institute of Higher Education continues to be committed to delivering quality education and going above and beyond to establish an excellent student experience through investment in facilities, student support services and teaching resources. They are a young Institution with bold ambitions to be recognised as an innovative leader in the private education sector. They hold several accreditations with Australian and global accounting bodies.


IIBT is internationally respected as a quality provider of education. IIBT is a leading private education and training provider both nationally and internationally offering quality educational opportunities. IIBT offers accredited higher education diplomas and vocational certificates, focused on successfully preparing you for the academic standards expected at university. IIBT’s mission is to provide you with the teaching and learning outcomes that can best enable you to succeed with future studies at our Partner Universities and your career aspirations.